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Are you afraid of losing your love?

Do not worry!

Because thanks to Combell, you can now securely store all your files, including the pictures of your love, and make them available from anywhere. With Combell Filebase, you can back up all your most important files without any difficulty.

Activate 5 GB Backup*

More info about online backup with Filebase?

Store and synchronise your files
on our secured servers

Are you still keeping your most valuable documents on an external hard disk? Thanks to Combell, you can now store your files on our servers. With Filebase, synchronisation and sharing can be done in a completely automatic and secure way.

Activate 5 GB Backup*

Do you have questions about Combell's online backup? Call us on the toll-free number 0800-8-567890

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*5 GB Filebase is activated for free during 1 year, without any obligation to purchase at the end of that year.
After 1 year, you are free to choose to renew the package (or not). In the absence of instructions from you, the package will be suspended after 1 year.

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